It acts as a central place where communities and community groups throughout Siaya can access information, training, advise and other resources relevant to socio-economic development and political governance. Such information include legislation, bills, policies, action plans, budget and budgetary processes, tenders, business opportunities and skills, resource mobilization opportunities, training opportunities and county development events.

ISCRC also provides a platform through which communities engage with the county government and national government on sustainable development..

The centre also provides internships and other capacity-building opportunities for local communities, youth and women on important sustainable development issues, including human rights, leadership, policy processes, tendering processes, and basic information and communication skills and technologies.

Our Mission

“To Equip Communities with the Knowledge and Tools to Participate Effectively in Shaping Local and National Sustainable Development Agenda.”

Our Vision

“A Free, Empowered and Healthy Community that Fully Participates in Sustainable Development.”

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